The Olympic Capital – Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne, Switzerland’s fifth largest city and the capital of the State of Vaud, is located in the heart of western Switzerland on the shores of Lake Leman (Lake Geneva) - the largest lake in Western Europe.

Lausanne faces the majestic splendor of the snow-capped Alps. It boasts a backdrop of scenic beauty that is truly breathtaking. Sweeping views of the turquoise expanse of Lake Leman, the Alps’ pristine magnificence and the whimsical play of clouds appear from each street corner, square and every window.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Lausanne’s history have been closely intertwined since the IOC settled in Lausanne in 1915. On its 100th anniversary in 1994, the IOC designated Lausanne the official Olympic Capital, a unique and prestigious title. In 1993, Lausanne inaugurated the Olympic Museum, a unique window on the world of sports. The museum, having been closed for renovations, has just re-opened its doors in December 2013.


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