David Tomlinson, Managing Director/Founder ThrillCapital

David joins the Academy to share his insights on how national sports organisations can generate revenue through fan engagement.

David Tomlinson founded ThrillCapital to help deserving sporting talent obtain funding through fan based investment.

Thrill Capital is based on the belief that as fans come in all shapes and sizes, from billionaire team owners to Mums and Dads, funding solutions should as well. As a result, Thrill Capital operates across the funding spectrum from private investment to crowd funding to sponsorship.

David is an active trader in the financial and currency markets, including, in the past, trading his own account with Westpac Institutional Bank.

Prior to founding ThrillCapital, David worked as product manager for a Denver based software start-up. Before that, he was an oil field engineer, operating high tech drilling and evaluation systems all over the world.

David holds a BSc from Otago University in New Zealand, a BEng (Elec) from Auckland University New Zealand and an MBA in IT and Ecommerce from Rutgers University New Jersey.


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