published on Friday 01 May 2015

Are you creating a connection with your fans and members?

The sport experience is changing rapidly; fan and member engagement is an essential part of the overall sport experience.

Two of the speakers attending this year’s edition of the Academy, Martin Kaswurm and Johan Lindstrom, will address this area of promotion and provide creative and innovative solutions for sports organisations of all sizes and backgrounds.

An expert in boosting fan engagement, Martin Kaswurm is one of the best in the business. He joins the Academy to share insight and provide innovative solutions for engaging with fans and creating long-lasting connections. As Managing Director of Chaka2 for 5 years, Kaswurm continually finds new and exciting ways to reach audiences. His company works with some of the biggest brands in the world, their portfolio includes such market leaders as Audi, Adidas and Amway.

Producing memorable events is the speciality of Johan Lindstrom. He started out successfully organising major events in the world of cycling, and has been instrumental in the development of the modern type BMX racing as well as the inclusion of BMX Supercross into the Olympic Games. Lindstrom founded Global SX Events in order to create a unique stage and a platform for the very best BMX athletes in the world to perform. He will share secrets on how a spectacular event production can provide a solid baseand keep long-term interest.

Lindstrom said: “The way you create your event is essential to engaging with fans. Sometimes a few details can make a great impact on the delivery and presentation of your sport and the experience of your fans. Sport organisations and their events have so much untapped potential, I hope my contribution will inspire the participants to connect in new ways with fans”.

Kaswurm said: “A positive sport experience is all about engaging with audiences in clear and innovative ways. It's what keeps fans interested and coming back for more. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in the trade with Academy participants”.


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