The Programme

The Academy will take place on June 7-8, 2017 at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Academy in 2017 will feature a two-day programme consisting of keynote speeches, presentations and interactive master-class sessions. The goal is for participants to hear insights from business, entertainment and political experts and leave with the practical tools needed to put these insights into concrete actions for the benefit of themselves and their organisations.

Sports organisations of all sizes and across different sports and different countries struggle with similar problems in the areas of financing, activation of the audiences, and leadership. The Academy aims at developing new solutions to these same old problems! The goal is for participants to hear insights on these three distinct yet inter-related areas: Revenues, Promotion and Influence and leave with the tools needed to put these insights into concrete actions for the benefit of themselves and their organisations.

International experts, case studies, practical work sessions, and more will all be combined in this innovative two-day programme that highlights real world learnings to practical day to day issues of any sports organisation.

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The Academy 2017 – Programme Overview

Tuesday June 6, 2017 - Royal Savoy Hotel

Welcome to the Olympic Capital

Registration Desk opens (17.00 - 21.00)
Cocktail reception (19.30 - 21.00)

Wednesday June 7, 2017 - Olympic Museum

Welcome to The Academy Conference by Tanya Heimlich-Ng Yuen - Senior Consultant and Partner, TSE Consulting

How can you generate new revenues through non-traditional ways?

Sports organisations are traditionally very financially dependent on government support. In this session, new and innovative approaches to revenue generation will be presented and discussed: approaches that have been tried and tested and have delivered proven results, for both big and small organisations. New approaches in reaching out to traditional funding sources will also be discussed.

(Welcome by Lars Haue-Pedersen - Managing Director, TSE Consulting)

“Data & CRM: Using data to secure new partners” - Kristian Gotsch - Client Services Director EMEA, Two Circles Sport

“Crowdfunding: Maximising revenues through your supporters” - Serge Didenko - Founder/CEO, BLOCKS

“Branding: Making your organisation stand out to sponsors” - Andreas Sigl - Managing Director Geneva, Burson-Marsteller

Coffee break

“Branding: Group Breakout Discussion and Exercises” - Facilitated by Andreas Sigl

Full lunch provided followed by networking
How can you promote your sport in new and exciting ways?

In order to grow, sports organisations need to activate their various audiences, especially fans both old and new. However, with limited resources and so many sources of distraction for fans, it is not easy to actively and effectively engage with these audiences. In this session, new approaches to fan engagement, both online, at events and elsewhere, will be presented and discussed, providing sports organisations both big and small, with ideas on how better to engage with their fans who are already faced with so much information overload

(Welcome by Dale Neuburger - Director, TSE Consulting North America)

“Events & Ambassadors: How can events and ambassadors be used to promote your sport? - Emma Twigg, former Rowing World Champion, 3x Olympian

“Masterclass: Social media - Reaching out to your targets through new media sources” - Matthias Lüfkens, Managing Director Digital EMEA HQ Burson-Marsteller

Coffee break

“Social Media: Group breakout discussion and exercises” - Facilitated by Matthias Lüfkens

Keynote Speech - Michael Payne - Chairman, CEO, Payne Sports Media Strategies

Gala Dinner at Chateau d'Ouchy (19.00-)

Thursday June 8, 2017 - Olympic Museum

How can you increase your influence as a leader and as an organisation?

Influence, as an individual and as an organisation, is an essential skill to being successful. In this session, experts will discuss how to develop personal influence skills. In addition, how to develop the influence of your sports organisation within your national sports structure will be examined and debated.

(Welcome by Tanya Heimlich-Ng Yuen, Senior Consultant and Partner - TSE Consulting)

“Organisational influence and communicating in difficult times: Lessons from the corporate world” - Dennis Landsbert-Noon - Chair, EMEA Sports Pratice, Burson-Marsteller

“Masterclass: Persuasive communication techniques for sport leaders” - Richard B. Stephenson - Partner/Senior Consultant, TrueNorth Consulting

Coffee break

"Communication: Group breakout discussion and exercises" - Facilitated by Richard B. Stephenson

Full lunch provided followed by networking

The voice of Athletes: moving from peripheral influence to true authority?
Protecting the rights and interests of the athletes nowadays seems to be at the forefront of every sports organisation. In order to ensure the voice of athletes is heard, a large number of National Olympic Committees and International Federations have active athletes’ commissions, with some even guaranteeing the right of athletes to serve on the Board.

Despite this, questions remain about the role of athletes in sports organisations’ decision-making. After years of the same narrative, how effectively are athletes being represented? Are Athletes Commissions the best way to ensure this happens? With a diverse panel made up athletes and senior officials of sports organisations, this session will seek to address these questions and more.

(Welcome by Greg Curchod - Director, TSE Consulting Switzerland)

Speakers including...

Didier Cuche - former World Cup Champion, Alpine Ski

Virginie Faivre - former Freestyle Skier, 3x Halfpipe World Champion

Kit McConnell - Sports Director, IOC

Brendan Schwab - Executive Director, World Players Association

Diploma awards ceremony


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